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Dear friends at Microsoft,

could you please stop trying to sell your stupid “Cloud” no matter what? Have you not yet understood that nobody wants to use it in business?
Right, I get that it must be a splendid vision for you guys to deliver not only the software we’re all dependant on, but also to have us save all your data with you – so migration to other systems becomes practically impossible if you don’t want it.

I can almost see the dollar signs in your eyes all the way from here!

Oh, that wasn’t your intention? You only want to spare us the annoying installation and maintenance? Are we supposed to believe that? Really?
And please don’t tell me all the time that umpteen companies are already using Office 365 and OneDrive Pro and what not. If you have to increase the storage of OneDrive Pro from 25GB to 1TB (!!!) I can hardly believe it’s selling like hot cakes. Oh, you did that because Google drastically lowered the prices for its Google drive ? And Google did that because they’re selling the Google Drive like hot cakes, right?
And I always hear how many Office 365 licences are already being used. Big deal considering you’ve given away 8 million licences for free to student in Thailand . Or think of the new Office for iPad that forces a subscription down your throat when you want to use it. Yes, that’s how you make big game.

But does it make happy customers?

It would be great if you developed products your customers actually want. Like, how about a Windows in the starting menu? Or maybe Office for iPad that requires purchase and hence lets you save your data wherever the CUSTOMER wants it. Without restrictions and restraints. Without an obligatory Cloud account.

That would be great.


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