There you go, Microsoft…

For a long time you could really despair on Microsoft. They were always panting behind the innovations of others. Nothing on their own – just “me too” products. Smartphones – Microsoft slept. Touch – again slept. Store (Apps / music) – they slept. Then Windows 8, not bad, but for many who were used to the former windows versions, it was unreasonable. They made changes without added value.

And now there is HoloLens. What a fantastic product! Feels like science fiction. As in Deamon and Darknet. According to reports of people who were lucky enough to get to try it out, the product really works, has a good picture and smoothly integrates itself to the surrounding. Incredible possibilities! Games, in which you need to catch little creatures in your own living room, hiding behind real objects. A computer work surface, which does not depend on your screen size.

Ok, it is version 1.0. It won’t be perfect. Rough as every first version. Probably the accumulator just lasts a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter. It’s cool. I want one. ASAP!!

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