SharePoint 2013: InfoPath Forms Services do not function

I came across the following problem in the configuration of a new SharePoint 2013 server:


Error while the loading the form.
Detailied error:

Save location cannot be accessed because it is located in a different web page collection: “https://ServernameOfTheMachine/PA/BM/Formulare/Forms/template.xsn? SaveLocation= https://VirtualWebAppName/PA/BM/Formulare/ &
Source= https://VirtualWebAppName/PA/BM/Formulare/Forms/AllItems.aspx &
XsnLocation= https:// ServernameOfTheMachine/PA/BM/Formulare/Forms/template.xsn”.

It’s striking that the application completely mixes up the server names.  And it’s thus also clear why doesn’t function.  There’s no webserver added to the name of the machine. And none at all the same website collection. So far so simple, but why is that the case?

ToI solved the problem after some researching. The root of the problem is the newly introduced “Request Management” in SharePoint 2013. You’ll find a detailled explanation on .

Long story short, the component’s task is to distribute incoming requests according to different criteria to all web servers. There’s a correspondent set of rules for the issue. Too bad it doesn’t work for the Forms Services.

You can fix this by turning the component off using the PowerShell:

$webApp = GET SPWebApplication http://webapphostname

$reqSettings = $webApp | GET SPRequestManagementSettings

$reqSettings.RoutingEnabled = $false

$reqSettings.Update ()


Wasn’t really a problem in my case because my farm consists of only one web server, anyway. Still looking for a reasonable solution for a large farm, though …

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