There you go, Microsoft…

For a long time you could really despair on Microsoft. They were always panting behind the innovations of others. Nothing on their own – just “me too” products. Smartphones – Microsoft slept. Touch – again slept. Store (Apps / music) – they slept. Then Windows 8, not bad, but for many who were used to the former windows versions, it was unreasonable. They made changes without added value.

And now there is HoloLens. What a fantastic product! Feels like science fiction. As in Deamon and Darknet. According to reports of people who were lucky enough to get to try it out, the product really works, has a good picture and smoothly integrates itself to the surrounding. Incredible possibilities! Games, in which you need to catch little creatures in your own living room, hiding behind real objects. A computer work surface, which does not depend on your screen size.

Ok, it is version 1.0. It won’t be perfect. Rough as every first version. Probably the accumulator just lasts a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter. It’s cool. I want one. ASAP!!

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SQL Server 2014 – DPM 2012R2

That makes no fun, Microsoft!

Actually the backup of a SQL 2014 server with Data Protection Manager 2012R2 is officially supported since RU3 for DPM. It’s just awkward if you rely on it.

Apparently they only changed the version number. Not supported are the new features of SQL 2014. If you want to save instances on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) it is not possible.

This feature is planned for RU6 according to Microsoft Support. Means, that if the release cycle stays the same it will be in March 2015…

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SharePoint 2010: Problems with search result page

Here’s the next SharePoint problem, this time concerning search results. The basis is a fully patched SharePoint 2010 server (September 2014 CU)… Authorizations have broken open on a subsite on a document library and an additional user with reading rights has been added.
This user now wants to use the normal search field in the top right corner list. That won’t work, though. SharePoint will ask for the user’s credentials and then displays an “Access denied”. However, the user has rights to the target page (osssearchresults.aspx)..
I found the solution at “Surya SharePoint Tips”, but I don’t fully agree. In my opinion the problem is that the original page is being edited. So if you update it can happen that it’s being overwritten by the Service Pack / CU and that the problem will simply reoccur.
So I would copy the page and enter the new page as the result page of the website-collection.
So step by step:
1. Create a copy of “C:\Program Files\Common files\Microsoft Shared\web server\Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\osssearchresults.aspx” on one of the SharePoint web servers. (name e.g. “osssearchresultsFIXED.aspx”)
2. In the new file:

<%@ Page Language="C#" DynamicMasterPageFile="~masterurl/default.master"  
EnableViewState="false" EnableViewStateMac="false"%>

3. change into:

<%@ Page Language=C# MasterPageFile=/_layouts/v4.master  EnableViewState="false" EnableViewStateMac="false" %>

4. copy this file to all web servers into the same folders
5. Then change the value in the field “Site Collection Search Results Page” at http://root/ofthe/SiteCollection/_layouts/enhancedSearch.aspx to the new page (e.g. layouts/OSSSearchResultsFIXED.aspx)
Repeat the last point for every website-collection concerned. This way, there should be no problems after another update.

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MineCraft for $2.5 billion? Really, Microsoft?

What on Earth did you think? Sure, MineCraft is a really cool game and millions of people play it. There’s a great community, zillions of add ons. All great.
But 2.5 BILLION? What amazing things you could have used that kind of money for:

But no, now it’s MineCraft. Pretty please, don’t screw it up this time. That would be a real pity.

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SharePoint 2013: InfoPath Forms Services do not function

I came across the following problem in the configuration of a new SharePoint 2013 server:


Error while the loading the form.
Detailied error:

Save location cannot be accessed because it is located in a different web page collection: “https://ServernameOfTheMachine/PA/BM/Formulare/Forms/template.xsn? SaveLocation= https://VirtualWebAppName/PA/BM/Formulare/ &
Source= https://VirtualWebAppName/PA/BM/Formulare/Forms/AllItems.aspx &
XsnLocation= https:// ServernameOfTheMachine/PA/BM/Formulare/Forms/template.xsn”.

It’s striking that the application completely mixes up the server names.  And it’s thus also clear why doesn’t function.  There’s no webserver added to the name of the machine. And none at all the same website collection. So far so simple, but why is that the case?

ToI solved the problem after some researching. The root of the problem is the newly introduced “Request Management” in SharePoint 2013. You’ll find a detailled explanation on .

Long story short, the component’s task is to distribute incoming requests according to different criteria to all web servers. There’s a correspondent set of rules for the issue. Too bad it doesn’t work for the Forms Services.

You can fix this by turning the component off using the PowerShell:

$webApp = GET SPWebApplication http://webapphostname

$reqSettings = $webApp | GET SPRequestManagementSettings

$reqSettings.RoutingEnabled = $false

$reqSettings.Update ()


Wasn’t really a problem in my case because my farm consists of only one web server, anyway. Still looking for a reasonable solution for a large farm, though …

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